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The Festival of Arts
„PILIES AIDAS” (“The Echo of the Castle”)

The future of Lithuania and Jurbarkas belongs to those, who are creative. In all aspects of our life, it is essential to motivate creativeness and self-expression of the people. A creative outlook and skills of self-expression, which are gained since childhood, train people to seek for untraditional solutions, when they meet new problems and tasks.
The main purpose of the festival is to enable people to express creativeness through different fields of arts: music, literature, visual arts, photography, art education, crafts and design.
Organizers of the festival will establish the “Foundation of Education of Creativeness”, which will partly fund many projects of communities, non-governmental organisations, and single people. During the festival, the auction of visual art will be arranged. All money what comes from the auction and sponsors will be allocated for the “Foundation of Education of Creativeness“.
Financial support firstly will be provided to those who have participated or helped to implement the main ideas of the festival.

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